Monday Series – Dinghies and Cruisers

Monday 4th July
15 dinghies signed in to sail in a Westerly – Force 5.
There were six Enterprises with Simon Lees (crew Colin Stephens) having a superb start and leading throughout.

The six Lasers were spread – Brian Aldgate the comfortable winner. One laser sailor capsized on the beat – and after struggling, safety crew member Rebecca Knee came to the rescue, jumping in, righting the laser and sailing it back into the harbour.
For the Cruisers the second evening series started with seven boats out on a close reach to Gear. Solo pulled away from Free Spirit on the first leg and then it was spinnakers up to Mount. Laid Back overhauled Blue Chip and Pepsi. Riff Raff, with no kite, managed to hold onto Bewitched across the bay. On the beat to Newlyn, Solo felt the need for more weight on board as leeway pushed them sideways, allowing Laid Back to pass both them and Free Spirit. Pots caused some havoc before the kites reappeared out to Central.
1. Free Spirit 2. Solo 3. Bewitched

Many thanks to Clare Knee for the superb photographs

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