Cruiser Racing – are you ready?

The new season is finally under way with the first race (E1) starting at 7pm on Thursday, 20 April 2023.

Firstly have you completed an Entry Form for Club Cruiser Racing 2023?  You need to do so.

Secondly, as you are all probably aware we have adopted the RYA YTC handicap system for this years racing.

Under the YTC system you are required to declare whether you will be racing using the YTC number  (using all sails) or the YTC white sail number (basically declaring that you will not be using your spinnaker or asymmetric sails).

This declaration must be made for the full series and CAN NOT be done per race. So yes you can declare that you will be sailing under the YTC white sail number for the Pursuit and Evening races but race in the Mid-distance and  Offshore Series with the full YTC number as you will have hopefully sufficient time to put the spinnaker up and to get it down.

The default position is that we will assume that everyone is going to race using their YTC number and Will be using their spinnaker / asymmetric sails when racing in any series unless we are told otherwise.

We are aware that some boats only have a white sail number so those boats can consider their declaration already made.

If you have both numbers you must tell us the series that  you are going to race using your white sail handicap number and will not be using a spinnaker or asymmetric sail.

The above is particularly pertinent to the pursuit race series as the start times have to be calculated using the YTC numbers and it is important that we know which number to use before the series starts as the calculation for the whole series has to be done in advance

In summary please let us know by return email/message if you will be racing without your spinnaker/asymmetric sails and therefore using your white sail number asap.

Penzance Regatta 2018

The weather was perfect on Saturday for the 2018 club regatta.

Thanks again to all who made the day possible on the safety boats and also to  Brian and Liz who did great work in the race office with help from Adrian, Theresa (and Dave) put in the long hours in the galley and BBQ, and Colin who was everywhere from Courselayer to Deepsea to bar.

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Calling all members of PzSC – past, present, old and new – this Thursday is an event not to be missed!

Calling all members of PzSC – past, present, old and new – this Thursday is an event not to be missed!
We have a film event in the clubhouse this Thursday 2nd February at 7.30pm

In the late 1960’s and early 70’s Spencer Field, an ex President of the Sailing club, took some unique cine film footage of the club and its sailing activities.  These films lay in a box in his son’s garage for some 30 years.  They were finally re discovered and professionally put onto DVD by the John Adam’s renowned Penzance based SSS films company. Read more