Thursday Series – Dinghies and Cruisers

Thursday 7th July
Nineteen dinghies lined up to race – in a Westerly Force 4.
The four Mirrors battled hard – Eric Taylor (junior Aoife Mooney) claiming the honours. The remaining three contained juniors, with Sebi Schmidt (Roisin Mooney) second, Ruby Stephens (Polly Stephens) third and Lloyd Williams (Demelza Hewitt) fourth.

Of the seven Enterprises – John Matthews (crew Di Stephens) had his race of the season – finishing over two minutes ahead of his nearest rival. The battle however, was on for second and at the line there was only fifteen seconds between second (Tom Kliskey/Kevin Hall), third (Colin Stephens/Katheryn) and fourth (Simon Lees/Nick Harvey)
For the cruisers – a somewhat fluky westerly wind tonight meant the fleet were all in close contact as they rounded Gear.  Blue Chip were first to get their spinnaker up and pulled out from Pepsi and Jeressa. Laid Back and Riff Raff tussled but LaidBack managed to pass to leeward just before the Mount. Out on a Limbo tried to stay with Bewitched and Grendel on the run though the smaller boat was to have the last laugh. The hunt for Central in the mist caused some amusement and although some managed to fly to finish with kites again, the dying wind meant a prolonged evening for others.
1. Out on a Limbo 2. Laid Back 3. Bewitched

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