Frequently asked questions

We offer:

  • Organized racing and other sailing activities.
  • Access to the Training Group, which trains club members.
  • Space to keep boats and to launch them close to the club.
  • Facilities of the clubhouse (showers, bar, galley etc) with panoramic views over Mount’s Bay.
  • The opportunity to get involved with club management, race management and activities such as safety boat handling.
  • The chance to meet like-minded people.
  • Social events throughout the year.

Who runs the club?

The members do. The club and racing are run by members on a voluntary basis and all members are asked (after training) to give some time to man safety boats, start and time the races, help with maintaining the club property and manning the bar and galley (kitchen).

Members of the Club Committees help to run the club from day to day.

Is Penzance Sailing Club affiliated to a National Body?

Yes. We are affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) which is the national body that represents sailing and other watersports. We subscribe to their standards.

Do I need to be able to sail?

No. The Club’s Training Group trains new members each year and people are always looking for crew if you wish to jump straight in.

Of course you can join as a non-sailing member but as the majority of our members regularly sail you are likely to soon want to join in.

Do I need a boat?

No. There are always people looking for crew whether on dinghies or cruisers. If you are new to sailing it is normally best to crew for someone so you can see which boats you like sailing.

Is sailing expensive?

Not if you don’t want it to be. Like most things it can be as expensive as you want. Some boats cost thousands of pounds but other members have just as much fun in an old boat costing a few hundred pounds. If you crew for someone, you could even get away with just the drinks at the end of the day!

When do we sail?

Races are organized (with safety cover for dinghies) at the following times:

Mondays at 19:00 (18:30 towards the end of season)
Thursdays at 19:00 (18:30 towards the end of season)
Saturday (see Diary)
Sundays (see Diary)

The main sailing season runs from April to October. Dinghies continue racing in the Frostbite Series on Sundays until Christmas.

Cruiser races depend on the tide, so check the Diary.

Do I need to be able to swim?

It is not a club rule that members must be able to swim, although it is strongly recommended.

It is a club rule that all dinghy sailors must wear buoyancy aids at all times when on the water.

If you cannot swim it is recommended you wear a lifejacket at all times on or near the water.

Do I have to go racing?

No. Most of the club sailing activities are based on regular racing but we do run other events.

We have a wide range of abilities from prospective Olympic helms to raw beginner so everyone can compete at his or her own level. The value of racing is that it sets challenges for competitors to beat their nearest rival, it improves sailing ability, it is fun, and dinghy racing has the benefit of safety cover.

How do I join?

Contact the membership secretary, or download an application form.

Still want to know more?

You are welcome to visit the club during any sailing events to watch what goes on and speak to members.