Cruiser courses

Courses – Evening, Pursuit and Middle Distance races


The courses for our inshore races are set on the day of the race by the duty Race Officer.

The start line is normal our club line laid east of our clubhouse.

As marks of the course we use the following pre-laid marks (positions given in WGS84 datum):

ODM                                                        – 50º 07’.30 N, 005º 31’.48 W
Gear Mark (NOT Gear Pole)              – 50º 06’.55 N, 005º 31’.45 W
Prom Mark                                           – 50º 06’.63 N, 005º 32’.03 W
Newlyn Mark                                       – 50º 06’.33 N, 005º 32’.48 W
Central Mark                                       – 50º 06’.25 N, 005º 30’.30 W
Midbay Mark                                       – 50º 05’.70 N, 005º 29’.35 W
Mount Mark                                         – 50º 06’.92 N, 005º 29’.00 W
Ryeman Mark (NOT Ryeman Pole) – 50º 07’.11 N, 005º 30’.33 W

These marks are either yellow pole-buoy special marks, or yellow disks. They are laid by Penzance Sailing Club between April and September and are marked on all up-to-date charts as special marks.

We also use the following cardinal marks as racing marks:

Lowlee:                 East Cardinal Mark
Mountamopus:   West Cardinal Mark

St Michael’s Mount and St Clements (Mousehole) Island may also be used as marks of the course in the right conditions.

No boat should race on the shore side of either Cressar or Ryeman South Cardinal Marks.

In light winds the course setter may wish to use the dinghy course.

Courses – offshore races

We also hold races with courses set to Wolf Rock Lighthouse, Mullion Island, St Ives, Helford River and Runnel Stone.

The highlight of our year is the PASAB race in late July which sees us up anchor and move “on mass” to the spectacular Isles of Scilly.  This is a three day race starting on a Friday evening and finishing on Monday afternoon.