Thursday Series – Race 12

21 boats took to the water in sunshine and light winds this evening to complete a standard triangle course.

After a slow start and some shifts the boats completed the first lap and the course was swapped from a starboard to a port hand course

The race was led by the RS200, 400 and 600 as they flew their kites on the run. After the results were calculated Jeremy Stephens (crew Ce Royall) – RS200 were first, closely followed by Ben Deighton (crew Liz Munro) – RS400.

The six Enterprises remained competitive throughout with John Matthews (crew Di Stephens) taking the lead from the beginning being chased by Kian Andrews (crew Colin Stephens) in a close second. At the start of the fourth lap only twelve seconds separated John, Kian and Simon Lees (crew Nick Harvey). On the last lap Simon pulled ahead to take the honours, with John in second and Kian third – again with only 20 seconds between the three.

Paul Whitehead was the trailblazer off the start line in the seven strong Laser Fleet – however the closest racing was between 3rd, 4th and 5th only separated by 15 seconds on completion of the second lap.  At the line – Paul Whitehead was first, Brian Aldgate in second and Joe Smith having a strong race in third.

5 Trainees also took to the water and after some extra coaching from the training team they joined the racing.

There were four Mirrors with Sebi Schmidt and Dean Mooney, both of whom were singlehanded, jostling for first position. Sebi pulled ahead during the first lap, only to lose the advantage on the beat, before dropping behind Dean on the run. However, Dean struggled with the spinnaker on the tighter reach, allowing Sebi back through for the final beat. At the end of the race, there was just 10 seconds between the two with Sebi taking the honours.

(Thanks to Katherine Sharp and Sebi Schmidt for their contributions to the Thursday report and Clare Knee for the excellent photographs – Saturday 9th July)

For full results please visit our website:

The next few weeks promises to be an exciting and busy time for the club – beginning on Saturday 22nd July with the completion of the COGS ‘Helford –Penzance Race’, many of whom will be staying in Penzance to take part in the hugely anticipated annual PASAB (Penzance Around Scilly and Back) event the following weekend.

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