Coast to Coast

Five yachts set off for St Ives on Saturday morning (11th June ) in winds of  8-10 knots hopeful of it building. Inn Spirit set the pace with their spinnaker start, with Disting and Honey Trap side by side, and SeaWyf ahead of Free Spirit.

The wind steadied as all tacked along the coast to avoid the tidal streams. All dipped inside the Runnelstone and rounded Lands End hopeful of a good spinnaker leg. The wind gradually dropped with Inn Spirit having a prolonged view of Pendeen lighthouse. Disting headed out to sea looking for breeze but instead hit the tide allowing Honey Trap to gain and pass. Free Spirit got distracted by whale spotting, although dolphins were to escort the others into St Ives. Luckily, the wind filled in to allow a spectacular spinnaker finish.

1. Inn Spirit 2.Disting 3. Honey Trap 4. SeaWyf 5. Free Spirit

Heavy clouds and rain was the order on Sunday morning but the accompanying wind was welcomed. The same pattern was repeated as all tacked in close to shore to Sennen with Inn Spirit again opening up a lead. Disting and Honey Trap matched each other all the way down but Free Spirit hung onto them and pulled away from SeaWyf. The spinnaker leg from Lands End to Lamorna had gusts of up to 30 knots with great speed recorded by all. The final reach into the Bay still presented its challenges. A great effort by all involved, with a special mention to junior Lloyd Williams as he had skilfully helmed Honey Trap in some tricky conditions.

1. Inn Spirit 2. Disting 3. Honey Trap 4. Free Spirit 5. Seawyf

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