New to sailing

At Penzance we aim to provide a safe and enjoyable sailing experience. It does not even have to be an expensive pastime; most of our sailors started by crewing on other people’s boats and moved on from there.

Our club provides modern clubhouse facilities including changing rooms, bar, kitchen and a comfortable lounge area with panoramic views over Mounts Bay.

Most of our regular sailing is based around short races. However, some of our sailors cruise far and wide and dinghy sailors are regularly travelling around the UK. There are also social events throughout the year.

Regardless of your level of ability the club’s Training Group regularly puts on training events, some leading to recognised qualifications.

Please contact our membership secretary to arrange an introduction to our club.

At Penzance we have both:

Dinghies – small boats which sail inshore normally with a crew of one or two.
Cruisers – yachts normally with a larger crews and an ability to take part in longer offshore races.

What we have to offer

Dinghy sailing

23-PzSC16052016 120Dinghy sailing is often seen as the best way to start sailing as it can be easier to learn the basics (and dinghies are more forgiving when you make a mistake).

Just after Easter each year our Training Group helps new members master the basic skills of sailing.

See the Training Groups webpage for more information.

If you have missed the training this year you may be able to crew on one of the dinghies in our fleet.

Dinghy sailing takes place on Monday and Thursday evenings and over the weekends between Easter and New Year.

Races normally last about an hour but you need to turn up an hour before the start time to get ready. See our Diary for dates and times.

Safety cover is provided for all dinghy sailing by a fleet of modern safety boats with experienced crews.

In a dinghy you are likely to get wet or even land up in the water (that’s all part of the fun) so you will need some warm clothes. Don’t worry about this too much as we can help.

To find out more about our dinghy sailing see our Dinghy webpage.

Cruiser sailing

5-dsc_3505-199x300The best way to start cruiser sailing is to crew on one of the many yachts that regularly race out of Penzance.

There is always someone looking for a crew and if you are lucky you may pick up a permanent berth.

Cruiser sailing takes place between Easter and September on Monday and Thursday evenings and over the weekends, depending on the tide.

Races normally last a couple of hours although some last longer. You will need to turn up about an hour before the start time to get ready. See our Diary for dates and times.

All you will need to bring with you is some warm and waterproof clothing.

To find out more about our cruiser sailing see our Cruiser webpage.