Frostbite 7

Thanks to Giles Gilbert for this report:

In our countdown to the New Year, the few races left are well attended. The series has again attracted some mega top level competition from our beach launching counterparts, Mounts Bay SC. 

To obliterate the handicap fleet, they sent over the titan Adam and Thomas Ellery in the Osprey, who were kept in check by Mr Jeremy “toffee apple” Williams in his golden chariot, the Solo. They were chased, heels clawed, by the incensed Mike and Finley Williams in the Lark, Liz and Bern in RS200 and James in the 600, not necessarily in that order.

In the Mirror fleet, Sebi Schmidt and Lloyd “Nitro” Williams were unable to find faster challengers and crossed the line before anyone saw what had happened, beating the demi-gods Eric and Aoife.

Enterprise sailors were again driven from their hard earned, easily lost positions by the cunning of time in the travelled foils of John “Plato” Matthews and Di “Amond” Stephens. In the trail of vapour, Terry and Oriel, Giles and Jeremy, Paul and Friend and Martyn and Aidan, clung to the quarters of one another in what was surely the largest of swells we’ve seen in a little while. Bouys spent much time hiding between the unsynchronised rises and falls and the boats were dwarfed of the troughs. Post race lunch was served by Timothea and Katherine.


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