Cruiser Report 9th and 12th May

Monday 9th May

The fleet set out to Central in a short choppy sea. However it was the broad reach into Newlyn which divided the boats as Riff Raff gybed repeatedly to gain advantage on the mark.

LaidBack was dodging pots and ended up in the shadow of the quarry allowing Solo through with Bewitched in her wake. However, it was a good night for Blue Chip and Free Spirit as they overcame the challenging conditions to rank well at the finish.

1. Blue Chip; 2.Bewitched; 3. Free Spirit; 4. Riff Raff; 5. Solo; 6. LaidBack; 7.Pepsi

Thursday 12th May. Very light winds led to cancellation of the dinghy racing but the cruisers who had the patience to make the start line were rewarded with an enjoyable race. A slow spinnaker start had all gybing to and fro in search of any wind for the first 30 minutes. As the mark was nearing, the wind filled in and Riff Raff was away, never to be caught. Laidback and Disting rounded next and stayed close on the beat and following fetch. Ultimately Disting won out by the decision to stay in close to the harbour and take the windshift to the finish.

1. Riff Raff; 2. Disting; 3 LaidBack; 4. Blue Chip; 5. Pepsi

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