Past Commodores and Founder Members

Founder Members

A. G. Bazeley A. S. Bazeley J. R. Bazeley J. F. W. Bennett
C. W. L. Jervis A. C. Tomlin R. Tomlin

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Commodores, Presidents and Founder Member at the 50th Anniversary Event on 20th May 1989.

Standing (left to right): Roger Stephens, Colin Harrison, David Jeffrey, Lawrence Lawry, Henry Ferris,  Spencer Field, John Matthews

Sitting (left to right): Peter May, Jack Bennett, Ken Matthews, Peter Tresidder 

Past Commodores

1946-8 A. S. Bazeley

1949 A. C. Tomlin

1946-8 A. S. Bazeley

1949 A. C. Tomlin

1950-2 J. R. Bazeley

1953-6 A. G. Bazeley

1957-9 P. H. Tresidder

1960-1 A. Franklyn Pool

1962-4 G. B. Drewwitt

1965-6 H. C. Ferris

1967-8 W. F. N. Tolfree

1969-71 E. R. Guard

1972-5 K. Matthews

1976 J. Matthews

1977 C. Harrison

1978-80 J. Matthews

1981-2 D. Jeffrey

1983 B. Cattran

1984-5 R. Stephens

1986-7 L. Lawry

1988-91 P. May

1992-4 B. Cheek

1995-8 M. Sharp

1999-2002 J. W. Moore

2003-6 B. Aldgate

2007-8 T. Marks

2008-11 M. Winiberg

2011-2015 J. Gilbert

2015 – D. Mooney