A security message contains information associated with the safety of vessels at sea.

It is sometimes used by the coastguard to draw people’s attention to a new navigational warning or gale warning. In which case they will send a All Ships Safty Announcements and then broadcast the message on a working channel.

In fact it is far more likely that the coastguard would make a security message than any other station. This is because if a vessel was to come across a situation which they wish to pass on to other vessels (a navigational mark breaking free, a shipping container floating below the surface etc…) it is better to pass this information to the coastguard for them to transmit. This is as they have a much greater range and can continue to warn vessels into the future.

The sheet below highlights the procure for sending a Safety Announcement followed by a Securite message.

Securite Message (Safety Announcement))

Simply this is the only situation when you send a safety announcement.

On the Icom this is done by:

– Press MENU
– Scroll using the ARROWS to All Ships Call
– Press ENTER
– Scroll using the ARROWS to Safety
– Press ENTER
– Press ENTER again to confirm
– The announcement has been sent.

The announcement is a digital message which includes your MMSI number but NOT your position.

If this does not make it clear, see the video below (DO NOT DO THIS ON A NORMAL RADIO):

Once the announcement is sent you should wait approximate 10 seconds for the announcement to be acknowledged and people to grab a pencil.

The announcement is followed up by a verbal Securite call and message.


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