Routine calling – without DSC

Once you have your radio set up and on the correct channel, you are ready to transmit.

Each time you transmit you should:

– say the station you are calling (up to three times depending on the situation),
– say “This is” followed by your vessel’s name
– Say “Over” if you want a response OR “Out” if you do not.

The station you call should follow the same rules.

LEARN: Before the course, make sure you know the basic structure of a radio conversation and the way the words are used.

Example 1
A conversation on the radio might go like this (what you say is in RED and the response is in BLUE):

Po, Po, Po [up to 3 times]
This is Dipsy, Dipsy, Dipsy [up to 3 times]

Dipsy [now just say the vessel’s name once]
This is Po

Po, this is Dipsy
We are two miles southeast of Mousehole – what is your position?

Dipsy, this is Po
We are just outside Mousehole Harbour

Po, this is Dipsy
Fine, have a beer waiting

Dipsy, This is Po Out

Using Channel 16

If you do not know which channel another boat is on, it is often correct to assume they are listening to channel 16 (there is no guarantee).

In this case you would call the vessel on Channel 16 and if they respond you move quickly to another channel where you continue your conversation.

Example 2
Your conversation on channel 16 might start like this (what you say is inRED and the response is in BLUE):

Tinky Winky, Tinky Winky,
This is Lala

This is Tinky Winky
Channel 06?

Tinky Winky,
T his is Lala
Going Channel 06

You both change to channel 06 and Lala transmits first.

What if I don’t get a reply?
If you call a boat on channel 16 and you don’t get a responce you should not simply keep calling. You should:
– wait 2 minute then call again;
– then wait another 2 minutes then call again;
– then finally call after 3 minutes before giving up.


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