AGM – Thursday, 9 November

Notice is given that the Penzance Sailing Club Annual General Meeting will be held in the Clubhouse on Thursday, 9 November 2017 at 19:30.


1. Apologies for absence

2. Acceptance of the minutes of the AGM held on Thursday 24th November 2016

See: Committee Minutes (members’ login required)

3. Commodore’s Remarks

4. Secretary’s Report

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Acceptance of Accounts

7. Appointment of Auditor

8. Setting of Membership Fees for 2018

9. Rule Change:

The General Committee proposes that the Club rule 4(g) is amended to read:

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: A full member may nominate his or her partner and members of his or her family of junior age, and if such persons nominated are approved by the General Committee, they may be entitled to use the Club facilities as family members

The General Committee proposes that the Club rule 15(a) is amended to read:

The General Committee shall consist of the Officers, the Bar Organiser, the Galley Manager and three other members of the Club who have attained the age of eighteen years, not including more than two Social Members elected by the Club at the Annual General Meeting for a term of office commencing at the time of their election and terminating at the time of election of the new Committee.

11. Election of Club Officers:

Commodore, Vice- Commodore
Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary
Rear Commodores: Cruisers, Dinghies, House, Training
and for members to the General Committee

12. Any Other Business: Any matters discussed under this section are to be referred to the General Committee