Logan Rock Race

For the Cruisers – the Evening One series finale was set for an exciting finish tonight with four boats still in contention to take top spot. Solo raced off the start line and became the boat to chase. Laid Back held off an early challenge from Ramshackle and hauled in her smaller relation, Out On A Limbo.

Bewitched also had a good start and held a good line to the first mark – Gear Pole. Free Spirit made space on Blue Chip on the way to second mark but could not get close to Solo. It was Laidback who took up the gauntlet though hindered by a messy kite hoist.
It was a tight finish with all boats having a close rival and the results only became apparent once the handicaps had been applied; a minute separating the first four.

1. Laid Back; 2. Solo; 3. Free Spirit; 4. Bewitched

Penzance Sailing Club – On and Off the water…..


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